Welcome to Puggles' Place!

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Hi! My name is Puggles Renee Gray. My Mommy and Daddy are Marla and Jeff Gray. They were recently married (click here to see their pictures!) and I am the new baby in the house.

I was born on June 21, 2000. I came to my new home on Labor Day, September 4th, 2000.

My Mommy and Daddy have a blue collar that they use to walk me outside. A lot of people think I am a little boy, but I am not ...

.  I am a little girl puppy!!! 

The picture above shows you where I sleep at night. This is my little cage. I am learning to go to the potty outside and sometimes I stay in here when my Mommy and Daddy are gone.

As you can tell from above, I am very photogenic. You can call my agent and book me for any photo sessions. My payment is usually a Nylabone or a package of Beggin Strips.



Next to eating, my second favorite thing is sleeping...zzz....


   Doesn't it look like I am up to something? 

  Doesn't my little head look so cute :) 

I look sad, but don't be worried.

I am really a happy little puppy!!
    "Whatchu talkin bout Willis?" 

I like to lounge around outside!

On Saturdays, I get to go to the puppy party at the Hickory Plaza Vet Clinic. At this party I get to see my friends Tiny and Molly. Donna Tillyer also trains my parents on how to make me behave as a good little girl.



The rest of the following pictures are me at various stages of growing up to an
adult Pug...

Here are two pictures of me, taken in March 2001, wearing my new hat:



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