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DirtyBit Example

For details, please refer to our AOSD '04 publication  and AOSD '04 presentation:

A Technique for Constructing Aspect Weavers Using a Program Transformation Engine
Jeff Gray and Suman Roychoudhury, AOSD '04: International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development, Lancaster, UK, March 22-26, 2004, pp. 36-45.

We also have a detailed poster available that describes the concept of grammar adapters, abstract grammars, and generalized transformations.

Video Summary: The following video demonstrates the inner workings of an ObjectPascal (Borland's Delphi) aspect weaver that is built from a commercial program transformation system. In general, it shows an example where a particular cross-cutting concern (a dirty-bit) is identified in over 20 redundant locations. The demo shows the various locations where the dirty-bit concern is located. The dirty-bit is then manually removed from the source and then automatically weaved in using an ObjectPascal aspect weaving engine. The weaver is built on top of a highly mature and scalable program transformation engine, the Design Maintenance System by Semantic Designs. DMS facilitates the underlying low-level transformations required to perform the weaving. The current GenAWeave framework can be extended to perform concurrent weaving of multiple files. In order to keep the length of the video small, however, the current example demonstrates the weaving of a single source file (around 15K LOC.)

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